Business Intelligence and Analytics

WHIZTEC deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization—from front line employees to senior management—that enables better decisions, actions, and business processes. It gives comprehensive and integrated information from the financial performance management, operational intelligence, and transactional applications.

WHIZTEC Supply Chain Analytics enable organizations to optimize their supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain and enabling executives, managers, and front line employees to make more informed and actionable decisions. It also gives them complete visibility into the complete supply chain process, including procurement and spend analysis, supplier performance analysis, inventory analysis, and supplier payable analysis.

WHIZTEC HR Analytics helps organizations improve overall workforce performance and managerial effectiveness while reducing costs. The resulting benefits help reduce workforce costs, increase employee productivity, effectively manage employee compensation, improve retention, and reduce voluntary turnover.

WHIZTEC Sales Analytics provides key performance indicators and several reports in customizable dashboards to improve the effectiveness of your sales people by providing real-time, actionable insight into every sales opportunity at the point of customer contact. With more accurate sales forecasts and enhanced identification of potential problems and opportunities, WHIZTEC Sales Analytics helps close business faster and increase overall sales revenue.

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