Customer Relationship Management

Today's business works on a demand-driven business model—integrating sales, marketing, and service processes to become more customer-centric. WHIZTEC Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution captures, manages and tracks every customer, partner and vendor interaction in a single system. With the ability to capture, analyze, and act on customer intelligence, WHIZTEC CRM customers can aggregate and analyze information across the business, giving them the insight to guide effective decision-making and more easily adapt to changing market requirements.


  • Customer, Supplier and Partner Support Management. Manage all your business support interactions in one system. All notes, calls, meetings or tasks can be easily accessed and reviewed. Our drag and drop e-mail correspondence feature makes easy work of archiving communication.
  • Complete visibility of all customer interactions. A single, central database of information, not only eliminates the need to enter duplicate information, but also promotes information sharing among all departments. The seamless information flow ensures all your customer-facing departments work more efficiently together to meet your customers' needs.
  • Maximize sales force effectiveness and win more business with enhanced account and role-based assignments.
  • Shorten the sales cycle — power-based selling tools help tap into the most influential contacts in each organization.
  • Increase win rates and gain market share by encouraging sales reps to leverage their social network.
  • Reduce administrative overhead and maximize customer face time with improved information organization and access.
  • Protect margins and capture more revenue with accurate quote and order creation, discount management, and contract and volume commitment tracking.
  • Turn cost centers into revenue centers with closed-loop processes that support and extend valued services to customers.

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